Blockchain Capital Introductory Reading List

  • Sep 06
  • Macro
  • Kinjal Shah

Welcome! Here’s our list of introductory investor materials for learning more about blockchain technology. These readings touch on the industry’s main themes such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, and explain why blockchains are a transformative technology.

Blockchain Basics

(Coincenter) What’s a Blockchain Anyway? – 2014 – A primer on the basics of Blockchain technology and its potential use cases. Reading time – 8 min

(Harvard Business Review) The Truth About Blockchain – 2017 – A piece in the Harvard Business Review detailing the context around the emergent blockchain phenomenon, and how it compares to earlier internet protocols such as TCP/IP. Reading time – 7 min

(Cambridge Associates) Cryptoassets: Venture Into the Unknown – 2019 – An overview of the blockchain space for institutional investors, and the ways investors can get exposure. Reading time – 7 min

(Jimmy Song, et al) The Little Bitcoin Book – 2019 – An overview of why bitcoin was invented, how it works, and how it impacts individual freedom and opportunities of people everywhere.

Bitcoin & Ethereum

The Bitcoin Whitepaper – 2008 – Released under a pseudonym in October 2008, the Bitcoin whitepaper is the original document behind the Bitcoin and Blockchain movement. Reading time – 10 min

(NY Times) Why Bitcoin Matters – 2014 – Marc Andreesen’s New York Times op-ed on Bitcoin’s importance and disruptive potential. Reading time – 6 min

(Bitcoin and Ethereum)
(Medium) Thoughts on Tokens – 2017 – Why tokens matter, and the new types of financing and incentive structures they enable. Reading time – 11 min

(ARK Invest) Bitcoin: Ringing the Bell for a New Asset Class – 2017 – An evaluation of Bitcoin as a new asset class through qualitative and quantitative metrics. Reading time – 12 min

(Forbes) Bitcoin Is A Platypus: The Story Of Category Creators – 2017 – Spencer Bogart explains why bitcoin represents something completely new, and how it does not fit into our traditional mental models around money and technology. Reading time – 5 min

(Paul Tudor Jones) The Macro Outlook – 2020 – Paul Tudor Jones, highly regarded macro trader, explains his bitcoin investment and thesis as he posits the “Great Monetary Inflation” is coming.
Reading time – 10 min

(Fidelity Digital Assets) Addressing Persisting Bitcoin Criticisms – 2020 – Fidelity Digital Assets Director of Research, Ria Bhutoria, reviews and dispels common criticisms and misconceptions about Bitcoin.
Reading time – 9 min

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