Bison Trails

  • Nov 19
  • Portfolio
  • Kinjal Shah

Blockchain networks are open, accessible networks in which anyone can participate and contribute. There are many new ways to interact with these systems, including staking, voting, governance or app development. These behaviors are crucial to the health and overall utility of public blockchains.

However, running secure and redundant node infrastructure that enables these types of activities and behaviors is a capital-, resource- and time-intensive process. Most organizations require dedicated personnel with significant technical expertise to ensure that this infrastructure is functioning properly. Aside from being costly, this effort detracts from these organizations’ core competency, focus and objectives.

Even with dedicated personnel, the stakes are high: Done poorly, network participation can result in loss of funds for the user, culminating in an exit from these systems. Combined, these hurdles represent a substantial barrier for many stakeholders who wish to contribute and participate in public blockchains.

This creates the opportunity for dedicated Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service providers to tackle these problems in an easy and efficient manner so that their clients don’t have to. In the same way that cloud services can be effortlessly spun up through AWS, lowering the cost for running web services, users should be able to effortlessly run dedicated blockchain infrastructure. Ultimately, such services enable their clients to achieve a superior outcome at a lower cost than would otherwise be the case with in-house resources.

We are proud to announce that Blockchain Capital is leading a Series A investment in Bison Trails, the leading blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service provider. We are joined by other prominent investors and strategic partners such as Kleiner Perkins, Coinbase Ventures, Initialized Capital, Accomplice and Notation Capital.

Bison Trails provides access to secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure on public blockchain networks. Bison Trails’ offering helps customers with a wide range of infrastructure needs including launching, managing, monitoring, scaling, participation and more. All of these behaviors are enabled and automated by the Bison Trails technology platform, which provides enterprise-grade blockchain infrastructure and servicing in a redundant, distributed manner.

With Bison Trail’s one-click deploy infrastructure, customers can easily engage and participate in the full range of blockchain-native behaviors in a reliable, accessible manner. Importantly, Bison Trails’ clients are able to maintain full control over their funds while Bison Trails addresses all protocol, security, devops and infrastructure needs. By removing the time and resource-consuming task of running blockchain infrastructure, Bison Trails will help expand blockchain-native participation while accelerating innovation and adoption.

In the few short months since launching, Bison Trails has established itself as a leading provider of these blockchain infrastructure services, working closely with protocol teams and clients to serve as a crucial bridge between network creators and stakeholders of the network.

In our diligence process, we talked with Bison Trails’ partners and clients, and we were impressed by the overwhelmingly positive feedback about Joe, Aaron and the broader Bison Trails team. They possess a unique combination of technical expertise, business acumen and grit, a perfect combination for a company trying to trail-blaze a path in the nascent but rapidly emerging blockchain industry. We are thrilled to work with Joe and Aaron to help them enable a world where anyone can participate in blockchains in a simple, secure and accessible manner.